Leadership in product design and UX strategy for high potential organizations serving B2B and B2C sector. Helping companies elevate design by showing how design can impact product landscape and the roadmap.
Today, I am applying my experience and knowledge to my role as a Head of UX and Product Design at EventMobi. My past experiences include leading design teams and building enterprise SaaS products in the Martech, e-Commerce, and EHSQ industries. Some of the products that I built with my UX design teams include Maropost, JetSend, InboxAware, Findify, and Intelex.
Additionally I teach at York University School of Continuing Studies, for the award-winning UX Design certificate program.
Sometimes I publish articles on MEDIUM to help young professionals navigate the design industry landscape.

UX Design Leadership & Strategy
For over a decade I've been using research, design, and strategy to help organizations create delightful experiences that focus on people. Throughout my career I've led numerous design and research initiatives that empower organizations with data and evidence to make business decisions.  
Creative Direction & Branding
I help brands make connections with their audiences, by creating seamless and meaningful experiences.  My focus is on creating memorable designs by defining standards & guidelines, developing brand strategy, and ensuring seamless transition between mediums.
When I'm feeling creative
I often paint and draw in my sketchbook. I find that sticking to basics and exploring different mediums helps me stay creative.  I experiment with acrylic painting, sketching, and even hand lettering.