The EHSQ Alliance is a global ecosystem of companies, industries, markets, and professionals collaborating to transform EHSQ performance and advance global goodwill through collective intelligence.
Our team set out to design a collaborative hub for professionals to gain better visibility into their programs and to connect with like-minded individuals - A one-stop-shop for all things EHSQ (Environment, Health, Safety and Quality) powered by Intelex.
Preliminary Research
Working with a cross functional team, we've mapped out user journeys and developed information architecture frameworks to support business objectives and goals.
During early research we discovered that individuals interested in implementing EHSQ Alliance across their businesses were not the actual end users of the Intelex product.  End users of the product were not tech-savy and needed a much simpler and minimal interaction with the product.
Identify & Define
Working closely with product management team, product marketing, and customer success teams, we've identified several pain points and outlined key deliverables that would drive continued value to our user base. We also defined detailed roadmap and a launch plan to ensure business objectives were met while our product continued to deliver value to our users.
I collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders to assess most valuable deliverables while ensuring intuitive user experience and usability best practices. I've conducted several brainstorming and white boarding sessions to complete this stage of the design process.
TOOLS:  Pen & Paper, Whiteboard, Directpoll, OptimalWorkshop, Typeform.
I started out with sketching rough ideas and user interactions. Then, moving on to more detailed wireframes which later turned into high fidelity mockups. I ensured my high fidelity wireframes and prototypes of the product utilized usability best practices while I concentrated on specific platform capabilities and functionalities to streamline the prototyping process.
TOOLS:  Pen & Paper, Balsamiq, inVision, Sketch, Adobe XD.
I conducted online and face-to-face user tests. Provided quick iterations of the prototype based on test results. During the testing stage we were able to understand more pain points and provide reasonable solutions for our clients.  
TOOLS: inVision, Adobe XD, OptimalWorkshop
I worked closely with the engineering team to oversee and sign off on visual design and proper UX practices before each release cycle.
I ensured visual consistency by providing detailed UI style sheets and UX guidelines to the engineering team as well as detailed mockups of the product.
Adoption of the EHSQ Alliance has surpassed our expectations and while we are still working on innovating and improving the product, general reception of EHSQ Alliance has been very positive among EHSQ professionals.
Final Deliverables:
1. EHSQ Alliance homepage (My Tasks panel, Dashboard page, Resources page)
2. Bulletins (information delivery system with sharing capabilities)
3. Design System (UI style sheet, visual language elements, usability best practices framework) to enable adaptable system 

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